Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stress from too much thinking not only affects the body mentally, but also physically. Research shows, people who are seriously thinking about something tend to be more susceptible to serious illness.The study, conducted by experts from Ohio University have shown that the risk of inflammation or infection increased 20 percent in people who are too serious. Inflammation is also the cause of many serious diseases, such as heart problems and even cancer."Stress can trigger changes in the body such as heart rate, blood pressure, levels of cortisol (a stress hormone). Think of events that can activate stresfullsome of the body's response, "said Dr. Peggy Zoccola who led the study, as quoted from Menshealth, Monday (03/18/2013). According to Dr. Zoccola, oneThe most stressfull thoughts or stressful thoughts about the past is sad. Indeed, it is better forgotten, because constantly thought it would be a disease because it can trigger inflammation. Once upon a time, thinkingthe events of the past does not directly trigger inflammation. But Dr Zoccola warned if it becomes a habit, over timefinger body more susceptible to inflammation and the risk of serious diseasesaccompanying.Meanwhile, to cope with stress, Dr Zoccola suggested to smile. So appears that stressfull thoughts both sad and too serious, just plug a smile. Even his smile just made-up, guaranteed to be much reduced risk of inflammation. Advises Dr. Zoccola also supported by the results of a previous study conducted by scientists at the University of Kansas. According to this study, the smile (real or fictitious) will activate certain muscles in the face. Muscle activation are proven to stabilize the heartbeat.